PPC Backed By Optibid Algorithm

Our bid management tool is a turnkey solution which adapts to a client’s industry.
PPC Backed By Optibid Algorithm

The Optibid™ Tech

Our PPC campaigns are powered by Optibid™, Kushinda’s patented technology. We developed Optibid™ as a proprietary bid management platform to really understand the value of each keyword and to deliver a ROAS based on our client’s desired profit margin.

Our proprietary tool maximises your marketing budgets by minimising inefficiencies and targeting customers who have the highest propensity to convert - In The Moments That Matter.

We know some clients prefer to use other bid management platforms, or that Optibid™ may not suit their business needs. That’s not a problem with us! We’re adaptable and knowledgeable of other platforms out there.


The Optibid™ algorithm performs millions of calculations every day in order to optimise your campaign and your profits. We are really proud of what we have built, and our team of data scientists work tirelessly to innovate and adapt in order to stay ahead of the game.


Our Approach

We use the right people, insights and analysis to deliver consistent results for our clients. We focus heavily on these key areas:

  • Research and Planning - Identifying and developing keywords that fit around your brand - we’ll have keywords coming out of our ears - from brand, generic, competitor to long tail keywords. We’ll make an effort to understand your brand, consumers and competitors.
  • Development - Once your account manager has completed their research, they will build your bespoke paid search campaign - from campaign structure, keyword match types, ad copy and landing page recommendations. They’ll incorporate our data science team to calculate metrics that will hit your KPI targets. We’ll also set up your tracking so you’ll know the value of each keyword in your account.
  • Execution - Launching your paid search campaign! We will keep a close eye on your campaign performance which includes keyword bid management, conversion rate and CP performance, and KPI monitoring.
  • Ongoing Optimisation - Our optimisation approach is focuses on six key areas:
    1. Business Goals: daily monitoring of your accounts to ensure we are on track to meet your targets.
    2. Visibility: maintaining expected levels of impression share across your accounts.
    3. Movers: measuring the performance of key variables such as device, location, time and demographics to achieve your KPIs.
    4. Reporting: regular reporting which covers all key areas of your accounts.
    5. Bids: optimising keyword quality scores and ad positions.
    6. Budget Efficiency: monitoring your accounts daily to track budgets against your monthly targets.