CRO Driven by Your Data

Improve your conversion funnel and grow your online revenue
CRO Driven by Your Data

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We understand the importance of making it easy for users to navigate your site and to complete the desired conversion. We will plan and conduct A/B tests to improve your conversions based on your KPIs. This could be anything from signing up a new lead, completing a purchase or even downloading an ebook.

Our mathematical, data-driven approach to CRO encompasses in-depth research and an intelligence led approach based on a strategy unique to each client. Our recommendations are never based on unscientific guessing or simply imitating competitors. Our CRO is always based on data and, more specifically, your data.

Our innovative approach allows us to craft and build to your specifications, using our team of expert designers and developers.

Our Process

  • Hypothesis – by gathering and observing your unique data, we pinpoint areas where we can improve conversion rate to built a hypothesis.
  • Strategy - We generate test ideas - be it copy, creative or technical changes in landing page and registration process.
  • Testing – We will run tests and measure results. Ensuring that we have enough data to gain statistical significance.
  • Reporting and Analysis - We’ll share the results with you. As with all Kushinda products, we send you reports of our findings and our strategy to ensure full transparency.