Bethard Group Data-informed strategy delivers results

Set on becoming a world leading Sportsbook, whilst at the same time offering a state of the art technical platform for its B2B customers, Bethard Group is building the next generation igaming company.

The Challenge

Historically, driving Sportsbook customers with a high lifetime value to your platform is difficult and seeing a high return on your advertising spend is a constant challenge.

With new regulation, turning a net profit is becoming more challenging, meaning that all avenues of marketing must be as cost-effective as possible.

This is where Kushinda come in…

The Target

Kushinda’s targets were to :

  1. Implement a successful, targeted keyword campaign.
  2. Maximise the lifetime player value.
  3. Generate a 300% cost to deposit ratio after 3 months.

The strategy

Kushinda decided to develop an integrated, site-wide keyword and customer data driven strategy.

  1. Kushinda developed a bespoke keyword campaign based on historical and live data, which evolves using AI and machine learning.
  2. Kushinda used their in-house developed algorithm to optimise bids based on a myriad of variables such as age, gender and location.
  3. Kushinda interpreted previous customer data in order to make predictions on revenue and customer patterns.

The Result

Kushinda successfully developed a Sportsbook PPC campaign leading to an excellent increase in revenue. Kushinda continue to work with Bethard on increasing these figures.

After implementation of the PPC strategy, Bethard saw:


A data-driven strategy allows for cost-effective, successful improvements to be made.

Kushinda developed a bespoke paid search campaign for Bethard, yielding large increases in revenue and return on advertising spend.

This case study is from the end of 2018 to present, the trend is continuing in an upward trajectory.