Best New Bingo Sites

The development from Kushinda of a comprehensive SEO strategy, including technical SEO, off-site and on-site development in order to become one of the highest ranking bingo & slots comparison sites in the UK.

Best New Bingo Sites

The Challenge

Organic search results are becoming less and less prominent, especially on mobile, with the prevalence of Featured Snippets. Mobile search is also becoming more and more important. We wanted to capitalise on this to increase traffic to Best New Bingo Sites.

Kushinda’s targets were to:

  1. Implement a successful, targeted SEO campaign.
  2. Maximise organic traffic.
  3. Increase revenue by over 150% in 3 months.

The Strategy

  • Formatting - We gained Technical SEO insights enabling us to present our content in a way that Google likes.
  • Site Speed - We developed fully featured Accelerated Mobile Pages and improved image handling for lightning fast performance.
  • Content - A content optimisation plan enabled us to serve search intent effectively improving rankings for important keywords across the board.
  • E-A-T - Authorship and site ownership authority was built up improving site authority and rankings.
  • Featured Snippets - The combination of improved formatting, speed, AMP, site authority and optimisation for intent has delivered dozens of snippets.

The Results

Content and structure were optimised to better serve search intent with a view to winning relevant featured snippets.


To win featured snippets, a holistic and multidisciplinary approach is required. The optimisation of content, server side improvements, E-A-T and formatting changes all had a part to play. Kushinda was able to help in all these areas.