4Life International Group - Paid Social lead generation campaign

4Life International Group is an innovative group of direct-to-consumer insurance distribution companies specialising in life and medical insurance, who share a common commitment to excellence.

The Challenge

4Life is always looking into new markets. Having seen the majority of its leads generated via physical advertising, television adverts and outbound calling, the group saw an opportunity to develop its digital presence.

Having recently developed a form to sign up to their services online, rather than the traditional call centre method. Our aim was to utilise various digital marketing techniques to drive traffic to this form, generate leads and increase the volume of sign ups.

With no audience insights available, or any knowledge on how audiences react to 4Life’s key products, the main challenge was to tackle the high CPA and address low conversion rates. To address these shortcomings, Kushinda created a strategy composed of Paid Social and Search Marketing to drive this engagement.

The Targets:

  1. Implement a successful, targeted paid social campaign via Facebook.
  2. Reduce the cost per acquisition of new customers.
  3. Optimise conversion rates.

The Strategy

Kushinda took a data-driven approach to developing 4Life’s digital presence, backed by in-depth industry research and specialist marketing knowledge. These are the steps we took:

  • Implemented best practices across all paid media platforms.
  • Segmented and optimised initial audiences based on demographics and their associated value proposition.
  • Conducted continuous A/B testing of ad-copy, creative content and technique with each split test verified per demographic.
  • Adapted our proprietary OptiBid™ technology to provide ongoing support and insights based on a daily data feed.

The Result

Kushinda successfully implemented a full digital marketing strategy, focusing primarily on social media and search advertising, in order to reduce cost per acquisition, increase conversion rates as well as the volume of clicks, conversions and new customers.


A data-driven strategy allows for cost-effective, successful improvements to be made.

Kushinda developed a unique strategy for each component of the digital marketing campaign. Kushinda’s proprietary technology monitored results in real time and our specialist account management team implemented data-informed changes.

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